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I offer talks and seminars (online and in person) to:


  • Financial institutions, hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants, spas etc.), sport clubs, membership organisations, private groups etc.

  • Food, Health, Vegan festivals, and expos

  • Talks in schools, universities, charities, and non-profit organisations - FREE OF CHARGE

Topics of my talks and seminars:


  • Plant Strong: The Health Benefits of Plant-Based lifestyle

  • Plant-based Starter Kit: What to eat, how to prepare, shop on a budget, eating out etc.

  • Health myths: Animal-based foods and the real harm they inflict on human bodies

  • How Not to Diet: Maintaining healthy weight effortlessly on a plant-based lifestyle

  • Health is the New Wealth: Investing in your health and not in Big Pharma

  • Food addiction: Causes and how to break free from the processed food substances

  • Blue zones: Learning healthy habits from the longest living people around the world

  • Saving Planet: Reducing carbon footprint on a plant-based lifestyle

  • Plant-based Athlete: Strength and endurance on power of plants

  • Gut feeling: Improving gut health and reducing inflammation

  • Organic vs Non-organic: How to shop food wisely

  • Healthy brain: Staying sharp and happy on plants

  • Hormonal balance: Controlling hormones on a plant-based diet

  • Happy kids: Raising healthy kids on a plant-based lifestyle

  • Plant-based Singapore: Where to shop and eat out

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