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As an events manager, with more than 8 years of international experience, I provide a range of services to help plan, organize, and execute various types of events.


Depending on the specific needs of clients, I can tailor my services to meet various event requirements - from private events to corporate, from small to large scale, I have it covered!


I offer my services for:


  • Corporate Events: I assist with planning and organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, product launches, team-building events, gala dinners, and corporate anniversary celebrations etc.


  • Social Events: I assist with planning and organizing social events such children’s birthday parties, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and family reunions etc.


  • Non-profit and Fundraising Events: I help to plan and manage fundraising events, charity galas, auctions, benefit concerts, and community outreach events for non-profit organizations.


  • Educational and Academic Events: This includes academic symposiums, workshops, training sessions, research presentations, and educational seminars.


  • Cultural and Entertainment Events: I provide services for cultural festivals, art exhibitions, film screenings, fashion shows, and other entertainment events.


  • Networking Events: I organize professional networking events, business mixers, industry meetups.

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