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Expat Living Magazine February 2023
"A wonderful nutritionist."

Extremely knowledgeable about the whole-foods plant-based diet and plant-based nutrition in general. Very kind, caring, responsive and supportive, respects client’s conditions. She is also in tune with the medical world, any health problems and how to overcome them by having a healthy diet. Aleksandra made me realise that meals don't need to be complicated and difficult, it really can be fast, fun, delicious and easy. I also consult Aleksandra on all aspects of nutrition for my kids. I cannot recommend Aleksandra enough. Thank you so much.


Aleksandra Klints at Botany

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Aleksandra to film a few plant-based nutrition diet related videos for BOTANY. Very knowledgeable in her expertise, open to ideas and overall, a huge fun to work with! She was also very kind to share some tips and great books to kickstart the plant-based journey.

Janice, Marketing & Events Manager @BOTANY

I attended the “Easy Weight Management on a Plant-based/Vegan diet” online seminar and Aleksandra provided a wealth of knowledge without it becoming overwhelming. Her resources were informative and easy to follow along. It was nice that she shared her own experience of eating plant-based diet, the benefits it offers and the ease of how it can be incorporated into any lifestyle.



I have attended Aleksandra's talk on how being vegan helps you become healthier and more energetic. She is clear, coherent and I really loved her presentation style. Easy going and pleasant to interact with too!


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